Features of Spa Software

10 Must-Have Features of Spa Software

Med spa software makes it easy to simplify, organize, and grow your business. Effective medical spa software is like aesthetics care for your med spa; it irons out the wrinkles, gives everything a clean, uniform look, and adds health and vitality to your organization. If you're thinking about upgrading your med spa software, here are the 10 features your new system must have:

Client Management: Your clients are where it all begins. The best med spa software offers the ability to create a single client profile that contains e-records, notes, photos, the client's purchase history, invoices, payments, and outstanding balance information all in one place. You can also use points and referrals to reward loyalty and keep your clients coming back again and again.

Client Access: Again, it all revolves around your clients, and they should also have easy access to their own information in one convenient location. Med spa software allows your clients to schedule appointments, review their history, and make payments from their homes or smart devices.

Merchant services: Easy payment processing is good for you and your clients. Your med spa software should allow you to easily establish an account with a service partner, and to have integrated payment processing for credit cards and gift cards with no extra hidden fees or equipment.

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POS Suite: Make retail completely hassle free with a POS suite. Check-out is fast with a UPC scanner, but the benefits don't end there. The barcode scanner immediately and automatically updates your inventory and your client's profile. This seamless connectivity allows you to invoice clients and set up auto-billed subscriptions as well as track inventory, sales, and orders.

Calendar Suite: Great med spa software allows you to keep detailed schedules of clients, rooms, equipment, and staff, so you never double book and you never leave resources unused. But effective calendaring functions go beyond these basics; they also make scheduling more efficient and improve your workflow with prompts for e-record creation, appointment confirmations, and so much more. Best of all, you and your staff can access your calendars from anywhere with a cloud-based calendar system.

E-Records: Electronic medical records are a critical part of your med spa's functionality. Your medical spa software should make creating records simple by using your own forms or providing access to a library of existing forms. Effective e-records improve workflow and are HIPAA compliant.

Photos: E-photo capabilities are a must and include digital client photos as well as scanned and uploaded documents. Your med spa software must give you the ability to upload before and after photos to your e-records that will help you keep a running record of treatments for each client that you and your client can easily access from anywhere.

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Staff Management: Your team is important to your organization. Employee schedules, commissions, and time clocks should be easy to input and manage in your med spa software.

Accounting Functions. Every successful business requires careful accounting, and your med spa is no exception. The best med spa software programs not only carefully manage financial data, but also make it easy for users to view sales data in real time, reconcile daily activities, and run reports on everything from daily cash totals to uncollected receivables with just the touch of a button. Chances are that you aren't an accountant, but you still need access to reliable financial information about your business. Good med spa software should anticipate what you need and put it at your fingertips.

Marketing: Med Spa software seamlessly integrates marketing into the overall system. A good system allows you to track your campaigns, follow-up on leads, create and track email marketing campaigns, and so much more. You'll get more from every marketing dollar when you have effective med spa software helping you.

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