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AestheticsPro's HIPAA cloud compliant software addresses all facets of your medical aesthetic business, including client management, scheduling, EMR, merchant services, marketing solutions, and more. Maximize your medspa's potential and propel your practice forward with the power of AestheticsPro.

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Benefits of Medical Spa Software

Those in the medspa industry have a lot on their plates. Aside from the procedures to be done, there's also scheduling, payment processing and soliciting feedback on ways that you can enhance the customer experience -- and there's often not enough time in the day to do it all for your overworked and overstressed staff.

The good news is that with medical spa software, you can take control of your processes and get more out of your resources while spending less time on the things that can be done better and more efficiently than trying to manage it all manually. After all, most medspa offices don't have large teams, and you may be counting on the work of your small staff to get all those tedious tasks done while you serve the needs of your clients.

What Our Clients Say

How Spa Management Software Can Help

Medical Spa Records

While you could do it all manually, that's a lot of time and effort devoted to the things that won't allow you to scale and bring more clients in if you're struggling to keep up. Furthermore, it's also true that if you try and expand, things could easily slip through the cracks, increasing the load on your staff and making it even more difficult to get things done.

But with medical spa software, you'll be able to streamline your processes and get more out of the time you do have, especially when it comes to the tedious tasks that can be better handled by automation and the efficiencies of spa management software.

If you're already using separate services for your billing, record management and marketing, you're only getting half of the benefit of a dedicated spa software package. Aside from integration challenges, it's also difficult to switch gears from one platform to another -- and insights in one area won't be able to inform your decisions in another because disparate platforms don't talk to one another.

What you need is one system that allows you and your team to manage your entire medspa practice with the automation and efficiencies of a cloud-based platform.

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