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At the core of AestheticsPro's mission is an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Led by CEO Graham Budd, the company began as Inet Portals, specializing in custom software for prominent clients in the aesthetics industry, particularly laser hair removal. This expertise led to the creation of AestheticsPro.

Recognizing a common need for software management in the aesthetics industry, AestheticsPro was developed with the support of Graham, Lora, and a core team of employees. From the start, their goal was to provide tailored software solutions accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or location. The initial version offered essential functionalities like scheduling, lead management, and invoicing. Driven by a passion for innovation and client feedback, AestheticsPro introduced cloud-based electronic charting, revolutionizing the way aesthetic practices operated.

Backed by over 30 years of software development experience, over 25 years of government-level data security experience, and 15 years of client feedback, AestheticsPro has grown to be an award-winning software leader in the industry. Today, we serve nearly 30% of medical spas in the US and Canada, offering a HIPAA-compliant EMR, comprehensive marketing capabilities, dynamic lead generation, seamless online scheduling, advanced service mapping, and more. Join us and experience the difference AestheticsPro can make for your business.

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