Electronic Medical Records

EMR, E-Records Management and Form Creator

E-Records Management streamlines your practice and workflow, while enhancing the client intake experience. It's fast, secure and HIPAA Cloud Compliant. Powerful tools at your fingertips allow you to create your own interactive forms from scratch that are built specifically to your business needs. We have a library of ready to use forms, or consult with our development professionals to assist in the creation of your forms.

Central Electronic Record Storage

Safely and securely upload all of your client documents to our central cloud storage. Electronic storage of all of our scanned paper documents allows for easier organization, quicker access and improved office efficiency.

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With an extensive database of electronic medical forms that are included with the AestheticsPro Enterprise software, all of your E-Records are just a click away. Simply select the E-Records that your business needs and they'll instantly become available for each new chart you create. It's that simple. You will have full access to client or patient documents and photos from your client information screen where you can instantaneously enter, edit, or review their information.

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Your business is our priority, and our business is your data. Access to your records are limited to only the staff that you authorize. Utilizing 128-bit encryption for all electronic transactions, all of your data will be stored securely at the moment of entry. Your business data is safe and secure with AestheticsPro.

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With AestheticsPro online E-Records, you will save time, space and money. Who can't afford to do that?

Time: Access charts and forms without having to leave your desk, or, for that matter, your home. No need to commute to the office to review a document or enter notes. Space: Eliminate the need for massive, ugly, space-eating storage cabinets, freeing valuable square footage for other uses. Money: Typical electronic records solutions (known as EMR in the medical world) can cost $50,000 or more. This makes AestheticsPro online E-Records, at a fraction of that cost, much more affordable. Plus, we offer your business all of the benefits of a centralized document storage and backup solution without the expensive IT infrastructure or support staff to run it.

Our Benefits

Instant access to all of your client's details allows you to quickly and accurately provide the best treatment possible. Electronic charting promotes more thorough and legible documentation and notation while also guaranteeing the security of a paperless environment.

  • FREE Comprehensive Form Library
  • Electronic Records Kiosk
  • Digital Signatures
  • Custom Electronic Records Development
  • Interactive Tx Records and Images
  • Secure Online Client Portal Access
  • E-Record Administration Tools
  • HIPAA Cloud Compliant
  • Form Editing Tool
  • Photo and Document Uploads
  • Medical Director Authorization
  • Integrated POS Option

Do You Need Electronic Medical Records Software?

While most people don't think of medical spas in the same way that they may think about their doctor's office, they're actually more similar. In fact, real medical procedures are performed in medical spas, and that means tight regulations and scrutiny of the records you keep. You may think that those paper records are enough, but you need a comprehensive platform to help keep all that information you're gathering safe, as well as to help you more efficiently serve the needs of your patients.

Medical Spa Records

It's known as electronic medical records software, and it can help you get a handle on your clients and how best you can serve them. That's important when you consider that almost three-quarters of all clients are repeat customers -- and when you can create a great experience the whole way through, you can foster a relationship that may last a lifetime. Not only that, but happy customers tend to tell their friends and family, and that can mean even more business as word gets around.

Sometimes referred to as EHR software, electronic medical records software allows you to meet the regulatory and legal needs that govern your practice without sending you scrambling over every manual miscue or mishap. Rather than jeopardizing your business with the wrong patient storage solution or risking missing that important follow-up, EHR software systems can help you stay on top of it all while allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of effective procedures and building your practice.

If you're one of the medical spa practices that sees more than a few dozen patients a week, you need help managing it all. Even if you have a handle on it today, what happens if your star scheduler or assistant is sick for a week or two -- or what if they decide to leave entirely to pursue another career? That can represent serious problems to your workflow, and it may even throw your practice itself into a tailspin. With electronic medical records software, you can stay on top of it all without relying too much on manual processes that don't scale and make things more difficult.

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