How to Run Your Spa Business

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Did you know that there are over 19,000 health spas in the US? With so much competition out there, it's crucial you know how to run your med or aesthetic spa effectively. Below, we share seven simple tips to help you set up and run a spa business for long-term success.

1. Set Up the Spa Business

First, you need to decide on your target market and physically set up your business, which means:

  • Choosing a business location
  • Selecting the business name and branding
  • Obtaining the appropriate licenses
  • Applying for the right permits

The exact requirements for setting up a spa vary across US states, so it's worth getting legal advice before you begin.

2. Develop Spa Services

Now it's time to develop your spa "menu." How do you choose which services to offer clients, though?

Well, it all comes down to understanding your niche market. What are they looking for from a spa service? What are your competitors offering, and how can you set your med or aesthetics spa apart from the competition? Here are some suggestions.

  • Keep your list manageable - don't offer more services than you and your staff can handle.
  • Draw up a professional menu with clear service descriptions and transparent pricing.
  • Figure out the equipment you'll need and be conscious of how much you can afford to spend, especially at the outset.

Remember, learning how to run a spa comes down to giving clients a memorable experience which encourages them to book again. Offer services you know you excel at, and add new services as you grow as a company.

3. Hire the Right Spa Staff

If you want to ensure clients have a great experience at your spa, you need the right employees on board.

  • Running a spa for the first time? Start with a small team and expand from there.
  • Partner with a licensed clinician if you plan on running a med spa.
  • Don't rush your hiring decisions - be sure your chosen employees align with your business goals and spa culture.

4. Know Your Costs

To run a spa, you must understand the various costs involved.

  • Startup costs: e.g. legal fees, business registration, and licensing.
  • Running costs: e.g. staff salaries, inventory, supplies.
  • Marketing costs: e.g. paid ads, premium listings.

Get familiar with your cash flow (how money moves in and out of your business). Having a solid cash flow is key to running a spa business.

5. Build a Marketing Plan

You need a steady stream of clients to run a successful spa business. How do you find these clients? By marketing your spa effectively.

  • Contact any existing clients and tell them about your new spa.
  • List your business online so it appears on search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Join social media platforms like Facebook to capture a wider local audience.

You might offer incentives like early bird discounts, vouchers, and gift bundles to drum up business.

6. Choose Your Spa Management Software

From handling staff schedules to maintaining HIPAA compliance, managing a spa business involves a lot of paperwork. So, to run your spa efficiently, you should invest in spa management software to help you improve your workflow, streamline day-to-day processes, and gain valuable insights into your marketing campaign performance.

Whether you're running a spa for the first time, or you're a seasoned spa manager hoping to grow your business, spa management software is a secure, cost-effective solution for your needs.

6. Get Outside Help

Running a spa business is a complex venture, so it pays to get outside help from consulting companies like Acara.

  • Instruct an attorney at the outset to ensure you set up your business legally.
  • Hire an accountant if you're unsure how to figure out costs or manage cash flow.
  • Partner with a marketing company if you need help finding customers and building your online presence.

Check out AmSpa, the American Med Spa Association, for more resources.

How AestheticsPro Can Help You Run a Spa Business

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