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Why Go Paperless With AestheticsPro
EMR Software?

Enhanced Data

EMR enhances security, ensuring HIPAA cloud compliance with tools like Two-Factor Authorization to control viewer access to client records.

Improved Productivity & Customer Experience

Custom and 450+ ready-to-use e-record forms save time, enabling a focus on providing the 5-star customer experience clients love.

Information at your Fingertips

Improve your medspa with seamless access to medical records, documents, and photos. Experience the ease of accessing information like never before.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Go green and save money! Discover the benefits of going paperless for an environmentally-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Paperless Practice

Switching to a
Paperless Practice

Did you know
  • Filing costs average about $20.00 per document.
  • Every 12 filing cabinets require an additional employee to maintain.
  • Every misfiled document costs practices $125 in lost productivity (paperless project)

Did you know that the typical office worker makes 61 trips per week to the fax machine, printer, and copier? Or that an average of 4 weeks is lost each year waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked or lost documents? (Gartner)

E-Records Management Made Easy

HIPAA compliant & supported by a team of software experts, AestheticsPro's EMR
solution is your competitive advantage.

E-Records Management

Efficient Central Electronic Record Storage

Embrace streamlined efficiency through secure central cloud storage.
Say goodbye to clutter and experience seamless electronic document
management for enhanced organization and accessibility.

Instant Accessibility

Instant Accessibility at Your Fingertips

Experience paperless simplicity with AestheticsPro's custom configuration, ensuring easy form access, seamless client scheduling, and instant e-record availability, all aimed at enhancing the client experience.

Uncompromising Web-Based Security

AestheticsPro ensures data security with HIPAA-compliant cloud software, reinforced by two-factor authentication,
256-bit encryption, and 99.9% service availability, ensuring the reliable protection and accessibility of your medical
aesthetic practice's records.

AestheticsPro Affordability

AestheticsPro Delivers Affordability And More

Maximize efficiency, save space, and cut costs with AestheticsPro's E-Record management. Enjoy remote access, eliminate storage expenses, and benefit from cost-effective EMR solutions customized for the medical aesthetics industry.

Benefits of Medspa EMR Software

Instant access to your clients' information enables you to deliver first-class treatment with precision and efficiency. Electronic charting
ensures thorough, legible, and secure documentation in a paperless environment, enhancing the quality of care.

Free Comprehensive Form Library

Electronic Records Kiosk

Digital Signatures

Custom Electronic Records Development

Interactive Tx Records and Images

Secure Online Client Portal Access

E-Record Administration Tools

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Services

Form Editing Tool

Photo & Document Uploads

Medical Director Authorization

Integrated POS Option

Best Aesthetic Software

Looking for the Best EMR Software for a Medical Spa?

Choose AestheticsPro, the cost-effective choice for aesthetic EMR software, featuring industry-leading features and tailored solutions. Trusted by countless satisfied medical aesthetic professionals, we ensure HIPAA-compliant cloud services, data security, and the freedom to prioritize client care and business expansion.

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