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Smiling young female doctor standing in front of a team of medical aesthetics professionals.

5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale Within a Medical Spa

An organization may have a stellar business model, a desirable product or service, and high visibility among clients but still flounder. The X factor that owners or managers often struggle to...

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Young woman looking in a mirror at home.

The Top 5 Trends in Medical Aesthetics Procedures and Services

Covid lockdowns and pandemic measures are lifting across the country, and an already trending medical spa movement is set for massive growth in 2022. To meet continued...

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Medical spa provider and client scheduling next membership appointment

Driving Revenue: Smart Strategies for your Spa and Med Spa

As the cultural concept of self-care expands, the procedures commonly found at aesthetic spas and medical spas have become more accepted as regular self-care procedures. Even...

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Cloud computing, client safely communicating through secure patient portal

What Compliance Looks Like: Incorporating Medical Spa Software for Safety

Like other, larger medical facilities, medical spas often handle sensitive health information for many customers. However, many medical spas are much smaller and do not offer the...

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Woman doctor aesthetician provider helping member

Develop A Successful Rewards Program - Recurring Revenue Generator

Medical spas provide many valuable treatments and procedures to clients, and excellent customer service combined with positive results helps bring many clients back for additional...

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Team of doctors and nurses

Med Spas Are All the Rage for 2022: Standing Out in an Increasingly Crowded Field

As the US emerges from the pandemic and looks forward to 2022, the idea of self-care has moved far beyond simple, five-minute facials. Clients are increasingly searching for procedures...

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Social Media Posts

7 Interesting Spa Social Media Post Ideas

Medspa social media posts are challenging for two reasons. On one hand, not everyone readily admits to using spa services, whether it's for aesthetics or non-invasive treatments. So, you might find it challenging to...

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AestheticsPro EMR on computer screen

What Is EMR Software for Med Spas?

As a med spa owner, you're committed to delivering a premium experience for your customers. After all, offering your customers a memorable spa day is key to building a loyal, client base over time, which is what you're aiming for...

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Med Spa Receptionist at desk using tablet

Main Benefits of Using POS Software for Your Business

Modern technology allows for more efficient service for customers. Here are the main benefits of using POS software as part of your daily bu...

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A person looking at their phone and using a laptop

An Easy Guide to Using Spa Software

Using spa booking software is vital for your business. AestheticsPro wants to help you use the latest booking software so your spa can thriv...

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A Med Spa application that says Online Booking

Top Things to Expect from a Spa Management Software

Looking to invest in spa software to boost your spa business? AestheticsPro tells you about the top features to look for in spa management s...

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Nurse working with employee in front of computer

Spa Staff Training: How to Train Your Staff

Your spa is only as good as its employees, which is why spa staff training is critical. Below, we walk you through seven ways to train your staff so they work effectively and help you...

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Spa employee reading on a tablet

What to Look for in Spa Software for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you're juggling a number of responsibilities. From managing employees to delivering memorable client experiences, you're constantly striving...

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Spa Management Team

How to Successfully Manage Your Spa Business

Are you interested in spa management? Then you should understand what it takes to run a spa successfully - here are eight tips to help you get started.

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Aesthetic Spa Procedure

How to Run Your Spa Business

Did you know that there are over 19,000 health spas in the US? With so much competition out there, it's crucial you know how to run your med or aesthetic spa effectively. Below, we share seven simple tips to help you set up...

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Spa Treatment

5 Tips to Avoid Employee Burnout in the Aesthetics Industry

Working in the aesthetics industry can be a rewarding career path, but it can also be stressful and demanding. This kind of work...

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Spa Treatment

License Requirements to Open a Spa

Med spas, or medical spas, allow clients to access some medical procedures in a soothing, relaxing spa environment. Unsurprisingly, then, med spa are hugely popular, with the...

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Manager using spa management software

5 Benefits of Using Spa Management Software

Feeling overwhelmed with your spa business? Automating your management systems lets you gain support - without relinquishing control. Learn how...

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Aesthetics Procedure

6 Ways to Increase Your Medical Spa Business Profit Margins

Looking for ways to raise the profitability of your med spa business? Aesthetics Pro discusses 6 effective ways to increase med spa profits.

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Medical Spa Clinic Manager

Ramp Up Your Revenue With the Ultimate Spa Business Plan

Building your ultimate spa business means figuring out your brand, audience, and services. Picking the right software matters for both initial and prolonged success.

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Aesthetic Business Table

Tips To Opening A Spa Business

The aesthetics industry is quickly growing, presenting you with the chance to open your own spa. With that in mind, it takes tremendous...

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Person receiving Med Spa treatment

Spa Technology Trends Dominating

Technology impacts every industry in the business world, including spas. Here are the technology trends that are impacting the way spas do b...

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Person using a tablet

Considerations When Choosing an Appointment..

Online scheduling can be a powerful tool in building your spa business and AestheticsPro knows that. Learn what to consider when selecting s...

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Receptionist writing on a tablet with a customer

Managing Business Crisis with POS Software

If you're in the medical spa business, you'll want the best POS software available. Contact AestheticsPro to see how their spa management so...

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A person getting a massage in a candle lit room

Improving Revenue Cycle Management with Medical Spa Software

Managing your medical spa's revenue cycle without the proper software is impossible. Discover how Aesthetics...

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Person using a tablet in bed

The Benefits of Online Medspa Scheduling Software

As the popularity of medspas continues to rise, so too does the demand for more efficient and effective scheduling software....

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A Med Spa Professional showing a product to a client

Top Tips to Improve Your Spa Profitability

At AestheticsPro, we know that you want your spa to be as profitable as possible. Read here to learn a few tips you can use to increase your...

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