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10 Must-Have Features of Spa Management Software

A medical professional utilizes their spa management software with a client.

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Upgrade your med spa management software to simplify, organize, and grow your business. Our effective and comprehensive spa software is like aesthetics care for your organization, ironing out wrinkles and adding vitality. Here are the 10 essential features your new system must have:

1. Client Management

Keep all client information in one place including e-records, notes, photos, purchase history, invoices, payments, and outstanding balances. Use points and referrals to reward loyalty and boost client retention.

2. Client Access

Allow clients to easily schedule appointments, review their history, and make payments from anywhere using our med spa software.

3. Merchant Services

Enjoy easy payment processing with no hidden fees or additional equipment. Simply establish an account with our service partner and have integrated payment processing for credit cards and gift cards.

4. POS Suite

Make retail hassle-free with a fast checkout system and automatic updates to inventory and client profiles. Invoice clients, set up auto-billed subscriptions, and track inventory, sales, and orders seamlessly.

5. Calendar Suite

Keep detailed schedules for clients, rooms, equipment, and staff to avoid double booking and resource wastage. Improve efficiency with prompts for e-record creation, appointment confirmations, and more. Access calendars from anywhere with a cloud-based system.

6. E-Records

Create electronic medical records easily using your own forms or access a library of existing forms. Streamline workflow and ensure HIPAA compliance.

7. Photos

Capture digital client photos and upload them to e-records. Keep a record of treatments for each client that can be easily accessed from anywhere.

8. Staff Management

Manage employee schedules, commissions, and time clocks effortlessly in our med spa software.

9. Accounting Functions

Easily manage financial information, view real-time sales data, reconcile daily activities, and generate reports with just the touch of a button.

10. Marketing

Seamlessly integrate marketing into your system. Track campaigns, follow up on leads, and create and track email marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Take your business to the next level with our fully integrated, all-in-one medi spa software solution from AestheticsPro!

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