An Easy Guide to Using Spa Software

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A day at the spa is meant to be a relaxing oasis for your clients. Scheduling an appointment should be quick and easy for clients to do whether in person, over the phone, or online. Here is a handy guide to using the latest spa booking software to ensure your clientele feels calm and happy from the moment they arrive.

What Booking Software Is

Spa booking software helps your business by handling all your scheduling needs. In the past, of course, clients had to call a salon to make an appointment. This was often time consuming and stressful, with both client and salon employee going back and forth to find a time slot that would work for both of them. Fortunately, technology has created a way to take the hassle out of this task by creating spa software that lets clients book an appointment from the spa's website or an app.

Benefits of Spa Software

Two major benefits to using booking software for spas is speed and precision. The scheduling process is accelerated greatly, and the company's resources are simplified due to appointments being tracked automatically. This removes the hassle of having to hire someone to take phone calls and write notes manually. For clients, scheduling an individual or group appointment that is convenient for them is just a few clicks away. And they can do this whenever they want, whether at home or on the go. The ease of the process creates a better chance for your business to attract new customers and increase repeat customers.

The best spa software available can keep all your business priorities in one place with options for client profile management and reporting, payroll, and inventory services. Plus, the software stays connected to your clients 24/7, meaning your business will earn revenue around the clock. This directly benefits your spa's bottom line.

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Features of Spa Software

The biggest concern clients have when using spa software for booking appointments is convenience. People overwhelmingly prefer to book spa appointments online rather than over the phone or in person. Your business needs to be able to keep up with this demand for digital booking by using reliable software with an interface that is user-friendly and content that is accurate. Spas that don't use online booking methods or are using software that is buggy are more likely to lose customers to their competitors.

Spas and salons can avoid losing customers by investing in spa software that offers 3 main features. First is the ability for a client to customize their appointment by date, time, treatment, and therapist. More than half of the clients of a spa or salon have a particular therapist or other staff member they prefer to visit.

Another important feature is a real-time calendar that displays the dates and times all staff members are available. Clients can easily see when their favorite employee is available and quickly reserve time with them. This takes the stress out of having to call a front desk receptionist to book an appointment, who then has to coordinate with therapists and other staff members daily to keep their availability current.

A third important feature of spa software is online payment options. Most clients are comfortable paying for services using an online portal or mobile app. Clients get to choose the services they want, will know what each service costs, and when they arrive at the spa, they will be able to relax and enjoy their experience without having to add up costs in their head.

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