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An organization may have a stellar business model, a desirable product or service, and high visibility among clients but still flounder. The X factor that owners or managers often struggle to master is employee morale. Some may even regard morale as a minor issue or blame the employees. But employee morale could be having a far more significant effect on the organization's health than managers realize. In fact, employee morale can make or break a business, buoying it through challenging times or fomenting chaos and a negative, repellant atmosphere.

A Quick Look at Morale by the Numbers

Employees with high morale at work are happier, more productive, and stay with their employers much longer. These employees also, on average, take fewer sick days and are more engaged with their work and clients. Here are a few eye-opening stats:

  • Sick time: The lost productivity costs for the most unhappy and disengaged workers averages around $28,000 a year. The sick day costs for the happiest employees? $840.
  • Productivity: Employees who felt like their work-life balance was good were 21% more productive than employees who reported a poor work-life balance. A lab study found that subjects with higher morale were 12% more productive.
  • Turnover: Also called churn or retention, the cost of losing employees and training new ones is high-as much as 21% of their annual salary for each employee lost.

Don't Despair-Boosting Employee Morale Is Attainable

Medical spas are not immune to low morale woes. Even medispas with a thriving, positive workplace culture may have struggled during the most challenging parts of the pandemic. And often, the shift from a healthy work environment to a toxic one can happen gradually. Fortunately, there are several ways that employers can boost employee morale and create or nurture a healthy and happy workplace.

1. Communication Is Crucial

Good communication cannot be underestimated. When management and leadership communicate clearly and frequently with employees, there are many benefits. Employees feel like they better understand what's happening, their roles and positions, and expectations. However, communication works best when it goes both ways-when employees feel they can communicate openly with leadership, they're more likely to report positive work morale. An open-door policy may not be enough. Employers can meet directly with employees to check-in and ask directly what is working for them and what they would change if they could. Clear communication in both directions can drive engagement and lift morale dramatically.

2. Opt for an Organized Organization

Medical spas must maintain a staggering amount of data and handle scheduling and procedures that range from the simple to the complex. If employees are dealing with outdated filing and recordkeeping, inconsistent scheduling, or a hodgepodge of manual and digital systems, they may struggle to stay positive amid chaos. Backoffice and behind-the-scenes woes can even spill out in front of clients, further depressing morale. A medispa can benefit significantly from implementing a comprehensive medical aesthetics software program.

3. Recognition Is Rewarding

Acknowledging when employees are doing outstanding work can go a long way. Employees want to feel that the work they do matters and is valuable. Employers who assume that the paycheck is enough feedback are likely to see more turnover-workers who feel unappreciated will leave. 66% of workers said they would leave an organization if they did not feel appreciated, and among Millennials, the number jumps to 76%.

Employers can show recognition and appreciation for their staff in many ways beyond offering a specific salary or benefits package. Shouting out or publicly recognizing an employee with a high rate of client feedback can be very gratifying. Offering incentives or gifts or scheduling fun team activities and parties can also help remind employees that their happiness matters. And even something as simple and intangible as finding ways to connect emotionally can let employees know that managers see them as people, not just workers.

4. Try Some Training

Training employees is vital for maintaining confidence and a high level of performance. Providing training opportunities for everyone in the medispa can significantly impact morale. At the employee level, training is a clear sign that management wants staff to feel confident and be successful. Many of the procedures performed in a medical spa require precision and a thorough understanding of using specialized equipment. Additionally, training management to make emotional connections and communicate better can give leadership the tools to foster a more dynamic and diverse workplace.

5. Make Breaks Happen

Some employees may get immersed in work, while others are focusing intently on a client or procedure. There are laws dictating when employees should take breaks or lunches, but workflow can complicate the picture. Not providing breaks and lunches to staff is a workplace violation and lowers morale. Getting out of the office and away from work, even for a few moments, can actually help employees to be better at what they do. A little bit of fresh air and eating lunch away from the desk lets staff recharge and return for the rest of the workday refreshed. Using a software platform like AestheticsPro can help leadership manage breaks effectively so that everyone gets a chance to properly take a breath away from work.

Boosting employee morale may take several different approaches and is an ongoing effort. Medical spas are moving beyond surviving to thriving by supporting employees, and a great way to provide support is with AestheticsPro. To understand how AestheticsPro software can bolster morale in your medispa, request a free demo.

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