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M edical spas provide many valuable treatments and procedures to clients, and excellent customer service combined with positive results helps bring many clients back for additional treatments. If customer service and visible procedure results help build trust with clients, some med spas might wonder if they even need a loyalty or rewards program. But implementing a successful rewards program can amplify excellent customer service, create added value for the customer, and drive more significant revenue for the med spa through incentives to return or add on additional treatments.

Do Rewards Programs Create Loyalty?

The short answer is yes, rewards programs do create loyalty, but let's dive into why. The number one reason well-designed rewards programs work is value. Clients want to feel they are getting good value for their money and their loyalty. As med spas become more common, clients are starting to shop around to find the one that "feels" right, provides a service for a lower fee, or provides the range of services they're seeking. Even clients who are happy with a medical spa service may still shop around the next time they need a procedure. Rewards programs that do the best job of strengthening client loyalty offer ongoing value and continually educate the client on new services and ways to earn additional rewards. As businesses grow, maintaining the personal relationships that clients crave becomes more of a challenge. A rewards program that implements multiple avenues of engaging clients is most effective.

Types of Rewards Programs

Not all rewards programs are created equally. There are many different types of rewards programs, and within each type, there are well- and poorly-executed versions. Two of the most effective reward programs include:

  • A fee-to-join loyalty program: clients pay a fee and receive the value of the fee or even greater back but in a way designed to bring them in for multiple visits or procedures.
  • Free to join loyalty program: clients can enroll in the program for free, and earn points based on the amount spent, number of visits, or other actions.

Both types of programs allow medical spas to track their best clients and encourage and build relationships with brand new clients. Rather than create loyalty programs from scratch, many med spas are turning to software programs like AestheticsPro to integrate rewards programs into their business as a part of their overall medical spa software, placing all electronic aspects of the practice in one centralized location.

Which Rewards Program Features Are Best?

Rewards or loyalty programs can offer multiple features or incentives, including:

  • Points redeemable for merchandise, services, or gift cards
  • A percentage off of a procedure or treatment
  • Special recognition for top customers
  • Surprise gifts or vouchers

Is a Subscription Service Right for My Med Spa?

Many businesses offer subscription plans integrated into their rewards programs. The key to creating a successful subscription service is to show clients how a subscription is really a way to manage payments over time for services. Many of the treatments offered by medical spas are maintenance procedures, such as injections or skincare treatments. Subscriptions help clients break up the costs into manageable installments and encourage them to return for recommended treatments. Aesthetic clinic software programs like AestheticsPro offer a comprehensive system to manage subscriptions and create customized programs personalized to each client's desired outcomes. Subscriptions also provide an incredible convenience to the client because their information is stored and added to with each visit. Clients never have to provide a payment option after enrollment because the payment information is stored. Their goals are easily tracked, and there are no worries about duplicating or missing an essential treatment. The client is more likely to achieve their goal, and the medical spa generates a more reliable source of income. Everyone receives value.

How to Create a Rewards Program

Medical spas may offer a range of services and procedures, so it makes sense to build a rewards program that is unique to the needs of the medical spa. Subscriptions can build a solid customer base of clients getting regular injections or skin treatments. Points are another way to reward clients for regularly booking. Many clients who opt for more extensive or costly procedures respond positively to receiving a gift card as an incentive. Medical spas can build successful programs by offering value that is easy to access over a period of time. Complimentary services like consultations or makeovers are also effective rewards that pamper the client and offer yet another chance to provide a personalized experience.

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  • Performance insights and metrics data
  • Lead management tools

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AestheticsPro offers many ways to customize a rewards program that offers desirable rewards and also facilitates brand awareness and long-term loyalty. To get a demo or find out more about our software pricing, contact us now.

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