5 Ways Digital Transformation Benefits Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

Digital transformation of business processes and modern technology.

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The pandemic accelerated digital transformation across multiple industries, including health care. Medical spas and aesthetic facilities have also embraced emerging technologies as COVID-19 transformed how patients interacted with medical aesthetics providers. While the rapid rate of change can cause some apprehension, digital transformation represents a genuine opportunity to significantly reduce pain points for you and your patients. Let's explore five ways digital transformation can provide better and more efficient care in your medical aesthetic practice.

1. Digital Transformation Improves Workflows

Transitioning to digital tools can vastly improve workflow. Medical aesthetics practices can implement a complete medspa management solution that can provide time saving features like electronic medical records that can be completed from any device at any time. A complete software solution would also offer scheduling, client, and staff management with integrated reporting for a comprehensive look at all business data within one system. This is a valuable tool for unlocking greater operational efficiency.

2. Accurately Retain Data and Reports

One key aspect of moving towards a digital transformation is the security of client and business data. Across all industries, data breaches reached new heights in both scope and cost in 2021, and the healthcare industry was not immune from attack. Many see the use of cloud-based HIPAA compliant EMR software as a way to safely secure patient data.

3. The Cost Savings of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation translates to significant cost savings for many businesses and may even help to drive increased profits. Eighty percent of companies that have completed a digital transformation reported increased profits. The medical spa market is growing rapidly, and experts project it will reach US $28 billion by 2025. However, digital transformation can deliver a competitive edge as more medical spas and aesthetic facilities open.

4. Drive Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Digital transformation can automate many of the steps that employees and providers once performed manually, freeing them up to perform other, more productive tasks. Electronic medical record (EMR) software platforms can integrate technologies like e-prescriptions and help businesses transition to a paperless practice. Becoming a paperless practice can drastically reduce the consumption of resources such as paper, printers and ink, and many other office expenses that generate waste and decrease profits.

5. Going Digital can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Moving toward a paperless practice is not only about driving down expenses. The global healthcare industry generates between 4.4 and 4.6 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. While running servers and technology does require energy consumption, many view digital transformation as a way to significantly reduce resource consumption, such as the vast quantities of paperwork that could be eliminated in favor of digitized records, prescriptions, and more.

Transformative Care with Digital Transformation

Technology continues to improve business data and security. Medical aesthetic practices are becoming more efficient with comprehensive EMR software that integrates essential components such as e-prescribing. Automation and paperless practices help drive productivity and lower operational costs. The outlook is sunny with digital transformation-despite the current challenges, there are many reasons to be hopeful. Join us for a LIVE demo.

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