Spa Staff Training: How to Train Your Staff

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Your spa is only as good as its employees, which is why spa staff training is critical. Below, we walk you through seven ways to train your staff so they work effectively and help you grow your business.

1. Introduce a New Employee Training Program

Starting a new job is daunting, whether you're newly qualified or an experienced therapist looking for a new opportunity. So, ensure you devise a solid onboarding program to help spa employees get familiar with the team.

  • Keep the atmosphere positive and supportive at all times.
  • Create a dedicated training workbook covering everything from health and safety to treatment protocols.
  • Give new starts a mentor - a more experienced member of staff who can support them as they learn.

2. Invest in Spa Training Equipment

If you want to train spa staff effectively, then you should purchase some dedicated training equipment. Although there will be initial outlays involved, think of this as a long-term investment in your spa's success. Training materials you might introduce include:

  • A dedicated training iPad or computer
  • Sample tools and products
  • Training workbooks
  • Written spa guidelines

And whenever you plan on introducing a new product or service, be sure you purchase samples and give employees time to learn what's required before rolling the service out to clients.

3. Devise In-House Spa Staff Training Strategies

Spa staff training should take place in some form at least monthly, if not bi-weekly. So, be sure to draw up some regular in-house training strategies for your business. In-house training can include:

  • Informal talks from senior therapists
  • E-modules and webinars
  • Dedicated reading or learning time
  • Refresher sessions

Use training sessions as a chance for employees to share tips and knowledge on a regular basis.

4. Deploy Quality Spa Management Software

Spa employees' training should always include IT training. Show employees how to use IT, like spa management software, to make their working day more efficient.

  • Invest in quality software.
  • Complete the training modules to ensure staff know how to use it.
  • Reach out for support and extra training, if needed.

Spa software from AestheticsPro is designed to help your staff run their calendars more effectively.

5. Track Employee Performance

It's easy to lose track of spa staff training progress, especially if you're starting many employees at once or you have staff with vastly different training needs. So, here are some tips for tracking whether employees are hitting their training targets.

  • Keep accurate employee records using spa management software.
  • Track products and services sold - if employees are missing targets, they might need more training on selling and marketing.

AestheticsPro software ensures you can track these metrics and more from one single, secure platform.

6. Arrange Outside Learning Opportunities

Sure, you need a solid in-house training program, but external learning opportunities are just as valuable.

You don't need to send all your staff to workshops or conferences at the one time. However, you might send one or two employees who can then share what they learn with your team. Be sure to alternate who goes on outside training classes to give everyone the chance to develop and grow.

Check out reliable websites like AmSpa for training opportunities and accredited courses to enroll in.

7. Encourage Spa Staff to Shape Their Own Future

Want to boost staff morale and improve performance simultaneously? Encourage your employees to take charge of their own learning.

Work with your team to set individualized performance and training goals so your employees always feel like they make a meaningful contribution to your spa. Set clear learning goals and make sure everyone knows what's expected of them.

  • Ask employees to maintain their own learning logs to help identify future training needs.
  • You can also track their diaries to see which therapies they perform most, and which treatments they could benefit from learning about.
  • Encourage staff to seek out training courses they'd like to complete and you can discuss them as a business.

Train Spa Staff With AestheticsPro

Training spa staff is an ongoing, long-term process, and it's crucial you keep track of staff performance if you want to run your business most effectively. With spa management software from AestheticsPro, you can monitor everything from staff performance to employee feedback, all from a single, integrated workspace.

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