Improving Revenue Cycle Management with Medical Spa Software

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It's time to take your medical spa to the next level. By decreasing cost and increasing revenue, you boost your profitability and make expansion possible. It sounds difficult, but for many med spa owners, it's easier than you may think. All-in-one spa software makes it easier for you to improve your revenue cycle management and determine areas of improvement.

Your Front Office

At the front office, three important things happen, insurance verification, payment collection, and account reviews. By utilizing an all-in-one software, it makes it simple to complete these tasks quickly and efficiently. E-verification allows your staff to verify their insurance coverage in a timely manner without having to switch between applications.

The right software will make it easier for account balances and collections to be made as well. By utilizing e-verification software, your staff will know exactly how much should be collected from each patient. From there, it's simple to put into place processes to ensure that all payments are being taken before patients are seen. If a payment plan is necessary, options within your software make it easy to set things up quickly. It's an effective way to increase the revenue of your clinic while also improving the flow of your front desk.

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Your Back Office

It's likely that your back office spends a great deal of time coding and dealing with accounts receivable. For some, staying up to date with the latest codes can be challenging. Because codes are constantly changing, it's nearly impossible to remain accurate on codes without the help of software. With software, it's easier to plug in the right codes, even if changes have been made. With the right codes, insurance claims are submitted easier, which means payments are issued sooner. It's an easy way to speed up the process and free up the man hours spent correcting claims.

On top of easing the burden of coding, the right spa software will also track your accounts receivable. This is key to improving your revenue flow. Billing should be done twice weekly to ensure that overdue accounts are collected in a timely manner. Without an all-in-one software, maintaining this sort of in-house billing operation is extremely difficult. It can take time and may be less effective. By implementing software, you create an easy-to-manage system that not only improves customer relations but also improves your revenue management.

Communication Between Staff

It is so much easier for a medical spa to function properly when everybody is on the same page. An all-in-one software allows for each of your staff members to understand exactly what's going on. It's an all-encompassing program that tracks appointments, procedures, billing, and accounts receivable. Pulling up charts, verifying personal information, and reviewing health history is easier than every before. With this sort of software installed, your staff spends less time trying to solve problems and clarify miscommunications. This gives them more time to spend building your practice and improving their relationships with your patients. All of this equals more incoming business and therefore, increased revenue.

When purchasing an all-in-one software, it's important to look at spa software reviews. This gives you a glimpse into the ease of use and practicality of the program. AestheticsPro has designed software used by medical spas everywhere. From our reviews to our testimonials, find out why so many prefer AestheticsPro. Learn more about our products by clicking here.

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