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Spas are all about helping clients to feel relaxed and pampered. Often, this means helping them to put aside their technology for an hour or two so that they can focus on themselves. But that doesn't mean spas themselves are putting aside technology. In fact, like any business, spas are constantly adapting the technology they use to make things easier, more convenient, and more efficient for staffs and clients alike. Here are some of the spa technology trends that have emerged thus far.

Appointment Scheduling

In today's technology-driven world, having online booking for appointments is absolutely essential. The vast majority of clients would greatly prefer to schedule an appointment and book online via their phone or desktop than having to call the salon. This type of technology will continue to grow and dominate the spa business world in years to come.

Spa scheduling software will also continue to evolve, offering more features that improve convenience and functionality for both clients and spa employees. Aestheticians, massage therapists, and other employees providing these services will be able to approve appointment requests, update their availability, and view their schedule with a few taps on a phone app.

Person receiving Med Spa treatment

Automated Appointment Reminders

One of the biggest frustrations for spa owners and employees is last-minute cancellations and no-show clients. These can be common for the spa industry, as clients often need to book weeks in advance and may forget about their appointment. But technology can help reduce these occurrences by offering automated appointment reminders for your clients. The same spa management software that allows your clients to book online can also allow you to send automatic reminders to your clients via email or text.

Clients will enter an email address or phone number when scheduling their appointment. Then, the scheduling software can send a reminder via text or email 24 to 48 hours before their scheduled service. The reminder text can even prompt clients to confirm their appointment by responding to the text. This can alert you or the employee providing the service so that you know the client plans to be there; or, if they cancel, you have an opportunity to fill the appointment slot rather than letting it go to waste.

Eliminating The Front Desk

Having an all-in-one salon/spa system setup can give you and your clients the security you want and need in today's digital age. With so much personal information and data stored online, you must protect your clients as well as you possibly can, and that means investing in POS software that tackles the task of security for you. Your clients will appreciate the fact that you care about keeping them and their privacy safe from prying eyes.

Picture this: Clients can step inside and tap a button on their phone to check in for their appointment. Then, the employee providing that client's service will receive an alert, informing them that their client has arrived. They can greet them in the waiting area and bring them back to their station to receive their service. Not only does this remove some of the formality of a reception desk, but it also allows your employees to focus on productive work instead of sitting and waiting for people to arrive and be checked in.

These are just a few ways that technology has shaped and continues to shape the spa industry. Soon, the best spa management software will enable spas to perform all of these functions and so much more. If you're looking for an affordable spa software, contact AestheticsPro today.

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