Top Things to Expect from a Spa Management Software

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You're looking to bring in technology to improve your spa business, and are shopping around for a quality spa management software. Several companies offer spa software with varied functionality at different prices. Finding the right software for your spa can streamline operations and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

When you're looking for a spa management software, it's important to know the requirements and pain points of your business. After all, there's no point in investing in something expensive if the application doesn't address your core needs. Once you're aware of exactly what you're looking for in a spa software, it becomes easy to narrow in on desired features. With so many options available, it's difficult to choose the best application. AestheticsPro helps you navigate the maze around a spa software purchase by outlining the key features that a spa software must possess to improve and scale-up your business.

Security and Customer Service

Spa software often records and stores sensitive customer information; therefore, security remains one of the top considerations when choosing a spa software. Spa software must be secure, and preferably HIPAA compliant, to ensure that you and your customers are protected from malicious hackers.

Most spa owners aren't apt at fixing problems with a software system, and this is where excellent customer service comes to your rescue. Get the company to agree to prompt customer service for all issues with the software, and get it signed on paper.

Appointment Scheduling

Facilitating easy appointment scheduling online is one of the most-sought after features in spa software. Your clients must be able to log in and book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online, even via their mobile devices. Spa software also must allow customers to choose their preferred therapist when they book an appointment. Check if the spa software comes with a client portal or a mobile app that allows clients to log in to view their details or history.

POS System

Spa management applications must have powerful POS capabilities to automate revenue management. Practice management software must also double as a POS system for credit card processing, membership billing, and the tracking and redemption of loyalty points.


Most customers now want hands-on information regarding their treatment plan, progress, before and after pics, and more. Ensure your spa software can create, store, and manage client information securely. The e-records feature of a software must allow you to record and access online client files, records, and photos in seconds.

Marketing Suite

An important element of spa software is its ability to contribute to your marketing efforts. Spa software must include helpful digital marketing features like e-mail marketing templates that allow you to stay in touch with customers. Spa marketing software must allow you to post content on social media platforms easily.

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Inventory and Staff Management

One of the primary objectives of investing in spa software is to improve your business operations. Spa management software must automate your inventory, including purchasing and receiving orders, and vendor management across all locations. Spa software must also include staff management elements like scheduling and viewing staff calendars, automating payroll processing, and more.

Spa management software can turn into a boon for your business if it includes functionality that's relevant for your spa. Visit or call us at AestheticsPro to learn how our spa management suite can add value to your business.

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