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Choosing the Right Medical Spa Software

Managing a spa used to involve opening in the morning, managing a dog-eared appointment book, collecting cash and checks from customers, writing checks to vendors, and other manual administrative tasks. The development of computers and small-business software, including spa management software, changed all that. If your software management tool is outdated which, in the IT world means more than a few years old you might as well be handling these tasks manually.

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Choosing a new software program, however, is not as simple as going to the local office supply store and grabbing something off the shelf. You want a med spa management software that brings even more innovation and automation to its management tools while continuing to be relatively intuitive, easy to use, and affordable.

Define What You Want Versus Need

The want versus need debate has become a popular priority driver in multiple venues, and the best spa management software is no exception. You can use automation for just about any administrative or management task. However, it will cost you. That makes knowing what you need and prioritizing it critical.

Examine your daily operations and determine the core functions you and your staff perform every day. Then, determine what you need to do for legal, accounting, and financial processes. Finally, look at how you organize all that and then determine how a software can work within that framework, where it could help organize you better, and what analysis you need to see to make decisions.

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Define Your Client Management Needs

Not every spa tracks the same thing and as such, management software for a spa can be set up to track only what an owner or manager wants tracked. The basics besides appointments, contact information, visit history (maybe their billing history too,) is information that will help you market to them and if possible, upsell them. That information can be attendant notes, customer survey results and any other information that lets you personalize their experience.

Define What Administrative Tools You Use and Need

Administrative tools cover everything from customer profiles to invoicing and accounts receivable, with sales, retail sales, payroll, financial analysis, inventory management and personnel management in between. Find a software package that lets you do your administrative work but is not so intrusive as to be overbearing. You also want the tools to be flexible, especially in terms of being able to create reports.

Data Analysis

The data analysis tools you use within your software will help you make key management decisions. Those include sales and marketing choices, purchases, inventory administration, client habits and preferences, and much more. Your spa management software must be able to cover all those and any other hybrid reports you need to see. If a system doesn't have what you need, look into how difficult it would be to moderate the software or look into a more customized software package option.

Your new spa management software has to help you meet todays demands. When you're ready to upgrade to the best spa management software on the market, check out AestheticsPro. Visit to learn all about their all-in-one medical spa software.

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