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Tips to Make Your Med Spa's EMR Secure

Start with the Basics

Besides using a secure spa software, you should also make sure that the computer and files are secured as well. If you leave your computer unsecured, there is a chance that someone could gain access to the med spa software and any contents. It doesn't matter what kind of operating system you're using, you still need to be careful and have a proper antivirus installed. Computer viruses can do a lot of damage to computers that don't have proper security protocols.

No Sharing

Sharing isn't always caring when it comes to security protocol. When you access any medical spa software, you'll need your credentials. To promote maximum security, avoid sharing your credentials with anyone. Don't give your usernames or passwords to your co-workers or anyone else who might be there. Even though they probably won't hack into your system, don't even give them the chance to cause issues. Prevent problems before they happen.

Good Web Browsers

Just because something can access the web doesn't mean that you should use it to browse the web. Ideally, you should only use updated and trusted web browsers for regular browsing. There's a ton of malware out there. So, you probably want to use something that has at least basic malware protection. You don't want to accidentally boot up your computer and find that your software has been hacked. Instead, take preventative measures.

Change Passwords

You don't have to memorize the credentials that you use to access your med spa software as long as you have them stored safely. However, you should still change up your passwords every so often. Passwords can be cracked, and, if you're using the same password that you use on social media, there's a chance that it can be obtained during a data breach. So, instead of waiting to see who can guess your password, get used to changing it on a regular basis.

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Trust No One

Watch out for social engineering. Always be on guard for someone asking you to provide confidential information or reset a password. Some emails can look very professional and may even sound plausible. Don't give out your information. If someone really needs your password and username, they should come to you in person. Or they could simply have you come over, log in, and then log out when you're all done. Don't put security at risk.

Untrusted Computers

Cyber cafes are normally great places to get coffee or a snack. But you still need to keep your guard up. Don't log on to access your EMR on a computer you can't trust. If someone hops on because you forgot to log out or gets your password through a key-logging software, you might find yourself getting hacked. Consider having a dedicated and secure work laptop. Only access your spa software from that and make sure that you keep everything properly secure.

Good Passwords

Besides changing your passwords often, you also want to use strong passwords. You probably don't want to change one or two characters. Instead, consider finding a method of making long passwords that are hard to crack. If they're short or easy to guess, you might find that hackers will love to visit your accounts. Even if they only want your social media friends, letting them break into your accounts allows them to unleash havoc.

Use Wisdom

When working with a spa software or any other program that contains sensitive data, always use wisdom. Always question why someone is asking you for your password and log out of your accounts when you're not using them. Use an EMR software that's actually secure and treat your sensitive data like you would sensitive documents. If you're looking for a secure medical spa software, contact the experts at

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