AestheticsPro: Elevating Medspas with Client Portal and Book Now

AestheticsPro's Client Portal and Book Now features displaying on multiple devices.

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When choosing the best medical spa software, having an efficient client portal is a key feature that significantly impacts your clients' overall experience. Staying ahead of the curve is critical in the ever-evolving landscape of aesthetic practices. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of a HIPAA cloud compliant client portal with convenient booking features and introduce you to AestheticsPro's latest update designed to boost your business.

Importance of a HIPAA Compliant Client Portal

Security and privacy are vital in the aesthetics industry, where sensitive client information is handled daily. Having a HIPAA cloud compliant client portal ensures that your client's data is secure and easily accessible. This allows a seamless and secure way for practitioners and clients to communicate, share information, and access treatment details.

Five New AestheticsPro's Client Portal and Book Now Features to Enhance Functionality

The Client Portal view on a mobile device.
1. Increased Responsiveness: Optimized for Seamless Smartphone Experience

AestheticsPro's recent software update focuses on enhanced responsiveness across multiple devices, particularly smartphones. This enables practitioners and clients to stay connected and conveniently manage appointments, treatment plans, and before and after photos anytime anywhere. Whether you use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the new responsive design provides a smooth and consistent user experience.

The Client Portal's Photo Gallery displayed on a laptop.
2. NEW Client Facing Photo Gallery:

Seeing before and after/progression photos is essential for tracking aesthetic treatments. With AestheticsPro's latest software update, clients can now view these photos directly in their client portal. This feature boosts client satisfaction and engagement, creating better collaboration between practitioners and clients throughout the treatment process.

The Book Now feature displayed across three mobile devices.
3. Enhanced Book Now Feature:

The enhanced book now feature simplifies the booking process, making it more efficient for practitioners and clients. Clients have the freedom to schedule appointments from anywhere. The intuitive interface simplifies appointment scheduling, ensuring a hassle-free experience for clients.

EMR Forms slide-out displayed on a laptop screen.
4. User-Friendly Continuous View EMR Forms

Now, clients can effortlessly sign forms without leaving their screen. This new user-friendly design incorporates slide-outs, ensuring a clear view of the form page while simplifying the signing process. Moreover, post-signature, clients can still view their completed forms, conveniently stored within their portal. This streamlined form management process allows clients to refer to essential documents like post-op instructions and EMR forms quickly. With these enhancements, AestheticsPro sets the standard as the best EMR for medical software.

5. Streamlined Functionality for Enhanced User Experience

We are thrilled to unveil the enhanced functionality of our client portal and book now feature. We recognize the need for both a clean, professional appearance and practicality. These improvements enhance the efficiency of our software and contribute to a more streamlined and enjoyable experience for clients and staff.

Medical spa booking software has never been more streamlined; designed specifically for aesthetics practices, AestheticsPro is committed to delivering exceptional software with award-winning customer support to elevate the medspa management experience. Reach out for a demo today and experience the difference.

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